South Worden Farm

Address: South Worden Farm, Bradworthy, Devon

Postcode: EX22 7TW

Contact:    01409 240251

Venue Officers:  Charlie Mead & Maggi Gardner

South Worden Farm Cottages is made up of two individually renovated Barns on the grounds of a small working farm.

Set in 15 acres of rare marshland and pasture with stunning country views to Dartmoor, this is the perfect place to come and unwind, relax and take in the beauty of the North Devon Countryside.

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Charlie Mead and Maggi Gardner - owners of South Worden Farm -have converted two large barn spaces on their property into two splendid gallery spaces specially for the Bradworthy Arts Festival.

We are showing the work of six artists in these spaces.

Jacqui Harris

I have always had a love of design and painted a lot whilst having a career in nursing. Then in 1996 I embarked on a foundation in Art and Design with Falmouth college of art. After completing this I studied for a BA (hons) in Fine Art with Plymouth University. During this time I gave up nursing and following my degree I became the artist in residence and later an art teacher at St Michaels school, Barnstaple. However, then I became their school nurse and went back into nursing for a while. I later studied for a foundation in Art therapy with Insider Art and have taught workshops to both adults and children although mostly now work in my studio at home.

In my degree I specialised in printmaking and textiles and since then my work has become a gathering together of collage, painting and printmaking medias. The reason for this eclectic mix is that I am most interested in bringing layers and a history to the painting. I want to give a sense of the multi-faceted and layered parts of life. My own viewpoint of the world is a mix of the physical interior domestic life, a love of nature and the great outdoor expanses, a spiritual journey and a journey of the heart. I find it exciting to bring together these views into a single painting.

Maddy Meadon

I grew up in rural Dorset, and then studied fine art at Exeter College of Art and Design in the early 80’s. After gaining a post graduate teaching qualification I moved to North Cornwall and embarked on a teaching career that has spanned the last 30 years. I have taught all ages of children, as well as young and older adults. At times when I couldn’t continue with my own practice, I continued to research and explore art, sometimes through the eyes of my pupils.
Now I have mainly retired from (school) teaching so I am able to focus on my own work. I am lucky enough to have a lovely large studio situated in a field which doubles up as a garden. Surrounded by nature and following seasonal changes gives me plenty of inspiration. Colour, natural forms and imperfections in nature are usually my starting points.
Experimenting with techniques and different media continue to excite me as they did when I was teaching. Being part of the Swanskin Printmakers group has enabled me to explore and share the discipline of printmaking with other like-minded artists in North Cornwall.

Brian Busselle

Born and raised in Kent, Busselle studied Art at Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone Colleges.  After a career in Advertising he went to live in France for five years where he painted and exhibited in group shows and galleries in Le Mans.

On his return to England he was drawn to Cornwall where he now lives and works, becoming known for his graphic use of the varied landscape, working in several media.  


In 2005 he became of member of the St. Ives Society of Artists, and is a regular contributor to the society’s shows.  He spent 6 years on the Board of Directors. Brian’s paintings are in private collections both here and abroad and are to be found in galleries throughout Devon, Cotswolds,  Wiltshire, Cornwall, Germany, USA and the Home Counties.  His work has a continuous presence in the Mariners Gallery at St. Ives and can be reviewed on the Society's web site at In 2009 he was made a member of the Plymouth Society of Artists and in 2012 an Associate Member of the Penwith Society.

He won the Gloss Gallery Prize in 2013 and highly commended at the South West Academy Open Show

Ali Palmer

I have lived in Sutcombe for 20 years. I am a single mum to two little people. Art and design was the only subject I enjoyed at home and excelled at in school, so it was only natural that I followed this through, to eventually gaining an HND in printing and bookbinding. Sadly this didn’t become a form of income for me, though my creativity never stopped. My first job was making stained glass, something that I went onto do independently.  I had to stop this when I became pregnant. It’s only been in the last year, since my children have left toddlerhood behind them , that I have had a little time to pick up something for myself, so I picked up my camera again. I have owned a camera ever since I can remember. I’ve never really been one to take just snaps, its always been of slightly different perspectives and attention to details,

I’ve had a lot of encouragement from friends to pursue my photography further, hence I’m here today

Mel Keevil 

Ceramic Art by Melanie Keevil 

I make abstract stoneware wall panels and sculptures that explore the relationship between colour, form and light.

The work in this exhibition is a personal response to different landscapes. Some pieces evoke the rich landscapes of Provence and Barcelona drawing upon hilltop towns, mountains, cypress trees and weathered buildings. The surface textures, colours and proportions of stone and plaster walls, sun bleached shutters and doors are documented and abstracted in my latest work. Closer to home, the rock formations and coastlines of the Cornish and Welsh landscapes are also represented.

I hope to give a sense of place but also to leave my work open to the viewer’s own interpretation so that they can draw on their own experience and create their own meaning.

My work is hand-built from white stoneware clay. It is carved and layered with coloured slips and stains. I then apply multiple glazes to create rich, varied textures and contrasting surfaces.


Pam Glew, born in 1978, is a Brighton based artist best known for her distinctive paintings on fabric. The artist uses dye and stitch to paint, deconstruct and distress vintage materials in her own breed of painting. Glew started making artwork on flags and textiles around 2007 as a response to war, notably 'Afghan Girl' later appeared on the front cover of Le Monde Newspaper.

Flags, quilts and textiles are used to explore and question how identity is constructed by the places we inhabit. The artist often incorporates bleach and mixed media. Paint, inks and pigment are applied to found fabric adhered to panels, incorporating Japanese prints, vintage denim and heirloom quilts.The use of textiles; washing, dyeing and sewing cloth and images of women are a nod to the scarcity of women artists documented in the history of art.

The artist has shown internationally in 7 major solo shows and over 100 group exhibitions, alongside such artists as Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin and Peter Blake. She has exhibited at Dallas Contemporary and Honolulu Museum of Art and has been shown at major art fairs in London, New York, Miami and Seoul. Her work has appeared in print publications including Le Monde (France), Neo2 (Spain), Qvest Magazine (Germany) and The Independent (UK). 

Pam has produced commissions for Armani, Ralph Lauren, MTV and Microsoft and has collaborated with iconic photographer Terry O'Neill. Her work is housed at Saatchi & Saatchi London, Red Bull and Mitsubishi Bank and can be found in private collections worldwide.

Music! We are also hosting Richard Bean - Electronic Music composer and performer and Dennis Jacobs - guitarist at the farm on both days from 13.00 -16.00.

All works are available for purchase after the Festival by contacting Charlie Mead at South Worden Farm -
Click here for catalogue of artworks and prices.

Map Location:

From Bradworthy Square take Mill Road out past the School (on your right). At the bottom of the hill take the fork to the left and keep going uphill for about 1 mile to the crossroads at Stowford Cross. Turn left here towards Tamar Lakes, then take the first left, then go a short way on before you turn right into the property.

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