Food & Drink 

Alex's Wood-Fired Pizzas


Alex’s wood-fired pizza is made in the Neapolitan style, with a light, fluffy crust that’s crisp on the outside, tender and chewy within. The dough takes two days to prepare, ensuring the special tangy taste that’s special to pizza from Naples.


Alex will be in Bradworthy Square during both days of the festival and also at the Brew Barn venue on the Saturday evening.

And don't miss Kerry's Barbecue!

Bradworthy's very own butcher.


Kerry will be in the square on Saturday and Sunday. Her BBQ will be making delicious, locally sourced products. 

Plus! Tom's Ice Cream Van will also be in the square and the Ladies of the WI will be doing teas and light refreshments in the memorial hall.

If you are a food outlet, mobile cafe, caterer or business and are looking to get involved with the Bradworthy Arts Festival . . . . firstly, thanks very much!

Secondly, here are some links for downloading the necessary forms. Both are .DOCX files.

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