The Brew Barn (Art Brew Brewery)

Run by John and Becky Winnerah, the Art Brew micro-brewery and pub have, during this year's festival, given their beer garden over as a venue for outdoor sculpture.

They will have 10 different artists involved. Becky Whinnerah, Ali Palmer, Joan of Art, Dawn Ensor, Daisy Morey, Philip Newcombe, Dougie Chalmers, Roisin Sullivan and Jemima Selwyn-Crome. All with a mixture of painting, drawing, photography, film and sculpture.

If you fancy unique local-brewed refreshments whilst you savour the fresh air and splendid art works then this is the place to be!
The venue is open Friday evening from 6pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10pm with the bar opening at noon. Films at around 6.00pm Saturday and Sunday.

See below all our exciting events.

Address: Brightwater Farm, Sutcombe, Devon

Postcode: EX22 7QE

Contact:    07881 783626 / 01409 240153

Venue Officer:  Becky Whinnerah

Find us at

for further information

                     or tweet us here . . . . . 

Dawn Ensor

At the Brew Barn this year will be: Sculpture in the garden, 2D work in the bar, a site specific toilet floor installation making its debut and a couple of taster workshops.


The venue is open Friday evening from 6pm, Saturday and Sunday from 10pm with the bar opening at noon. Films will be showing in the cinema room at around 6.00pm Saturday and Sunday.

Drawing Workshop taster session

£3 All materials included. From 2pm Sunday with Becky Whinnerah
One and a half hour taster session for absolute beginners or those with a little experience. Children are welcome but under 12's will need a parent doing the workshop too. Will cover simple line and tone drawing with some easy exercises and top tips.

Artists featured at the Brew Barn this Festival.

Roisin Sullivan

Roisin Sullivan is an emerging multidisciplinary artist. Her practice explores conventions of invisibility and visibility, manifesting these themes into a physical dimension. The medium of Sullivan’s practice is dependent upon what is appropriate for the conceptualisation of the work; and often connects with themes of the absurd in relation to psychology, philosophy, institutional powers, feminism and activism.  


Douglas Chalmers

Douglas Chalmers is an artist and filmmaker from Edinburgh, Scotland; who is currently based in London. A former painter and installation artist, Chalmers currently works exclusively in film and video. Here, creating interpersonal experiments within the realm of interview based documentary making, Chalmers constructs narratives from genuine experiences and opinions of those he interviews and weaves them with cinematic visuals to work in the space between fiction and nonfiction filmmaking.  

Las Margaritas, Kyoto, Japan This film was shot one night in Las Margaritas, Kyoto, Japan. Las Margaritas is a local Gaijin bar, meaning it’s a multicultural hotspot for non-natives in a country so heavily characterised by its national identity. Featuring interviews with: Kyoto-based (originally from Bradford, West-Yorkshire) Artist & Photographer, Hidetaro Thornhill; Kyoto-based (originally from Jakarta, Indonesia) ceramicist Albert Setyawan; and Alejandro, the owner of Las Margaritas.  


Jemima Selwyn-Crome

Jemima Selwyn-Crome is an artist living and studying in London. She works with concepts of the ‘unknown’ and ideas of alternate states of reality, transposing these into the physical realms through original sound and video works. Layers of sound wash and wrap the senses as they are paired with visual imagery, she aims to allow the audience to become immersed in a dream-like state as they experience her work.  


Daisy Morey

Daisy Morey’s practice considers received domestic structures in relation to body and occupation using materials often associated with both home interiors and construction. The duration and inevitable temporality of occupation are the starting point for Morey’s work as she traces through themes of intimacy, solitude, trace, and bodily orientation within a domestic structure. Exploring these notions through etching, embroidery, photography, data collection, film, and mark-making, the artist aims to instigate consideration of the space which is used within an individual’s domestic structure and to elicit an awareness of the trace which might be left in an individual’s home through the culmination of these everyday acts of occupation.  


Becky Whinnerah

Becky is the brewer from Brew Barn, but before brewing and parenthood took over, Becky had enjoyed a career as a painter, lecturer and curator. Having recently picked up her pallete again, her new paintings are fundamentally occupied with colour, texture and shape and that's pretty much it.


Alison Palmer

Art and design was the only subject I enjoyed at home and excelled at in school, so it was only natural that I followed this through, to eventually gaining an HND in printing and bookbinding. Sadly this didn’t become a form of income for me, though my creativity never stopped. My first job was making stained glass, something that I went onto do independently. I had to stop this when I became pregnant. It’s only been in the last year, since my children have left toddlerhood behind them, that I have had (a little) time to pick up something for myself, so I picked up my camera again.


Joan of Art
Joan of Art are Thea & Suki Wilkins. We create high quality art materials optimised for travel.

We take our Sketching Tins with us everywhere we go -  they have everything you need to draw and paint on the go all in a pocket sized tin.

Here are a series of pieces we created on a recent sketching trip across America.
Creativity is contagious, pass it on!


Daisy Morey

Becky Whinnerah

Alison Palmer

Joan of Art


Evening showings of the classics, Metropolis and Nosferatu. Starts in the Cinema Room at about 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

Map Location:

Taking the road south-east, past the Inn, from the square, follow the second road left signposted to Sutcombe.

Two and a half miles along this road you will come to the village of Sutcombe. Go through the village and drop down the hill to Sutcombemill. Carry on over the bridge out of the village and turn left at the junction. The Brew Barn is on the next corner on the left side of the road.

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